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Fabrikant Bausch+Lomb
Materiaal Nesofilcon A
Siliconen Hydrogel Nee
dag en nacht contact lens Nee
Aantal contactlenzen / pakket 90
UV-bescherming Nee
Draagtijd 1 dag
Zuurstofdoorlatendheid (Dk/t) 42
Watergehalte (%) 78

Biotrue ONEday (90)

Biotrue ONEday lenses - Matches the moisture level of the natural eye. 90-pack.
€ 38,75

Verwachtte Verzend datum
13 juni 2023 - 14 juni 2023

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Geldig vanaf 01-05-2023 naar 31-08-2023


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  Aantal Sterkte (D/PWR/SPH) Radius (BC) Diameter (DIA)
Left (OS) 8.60 14.20
Right (OD) 8.60 14.20
Both Eyes 8.60 14.20
€ 38,75

Verwachtte Verzend datum
13 juni 2023 - 14 juni 2023

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Biotrue ONEday is a daily disposable contact lens. This makes them both comfortable and convenient as there is no need to bother with daily cleaning, storage, or routine lens care.

Biotrue ONEday is made from a revolutionary new lens material, inspired by the biology of the eye:

• made from a next generation, bioinspired material called HyperGel
• Matches the moisture level of the natural eye. Allows oxygen to flow freely through the lens, without the need for silicone, delivering oxygen level the open eye needs2  to maintain healthy, white eyes
• Mimics one of your own tear's barriers to dehydration, with a wetting agent enriched at surface of lens
•  UV blocking

Biotrue ONEday contact lenses are also ideal for people with allergies, because one-day lenses reduces the possibillity of build-up of pollen and other deposits.

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