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Manufacturer Bausch & Lomb
Lens Material Alphafilcon A
Lens Extended or Overnight Wear No
Number of contact lenses in the box 6
Lens UV Protection No
Lens replacement schedule Monthly (day use) 1-2 weeks (day use)
Lens Water % 66%

Soflens Toric

Soflens Toric is a monthly toric replacement lens for people with astigmatism.


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  Qty Power (D, PWR or SPH) Base curve (BC) Diameter (Dia) Cylinder (CYL) Axis (Ax or X)
Left (OS) 8.50 14.50
Right (OD) 8.50 14.50
Both Eyes 8.50 14.50

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Soflens Toric is a replacement lens for people with astigmatism. 

Note: Bausch & Lomb has changed the brand name of "SofLens 66 Toric" to "SofLens Toric".

The patented Lo-Torque® design keeps SofLens Toric lenses exceptionally stable during wear, and the advanced optics correct astigmatism by refocusing light to a single point for sharp, clear vision.

The SofLens Toric lens has a unique design that is exceptionally easy to wear. It provides clear vision and exceptional comfort consistently from lens to lens.

Key Features & Benefits:
• #1 Toric design for people with astigmatism
• Time-tested, deposit resistant material for excellent comfort
• Provides accurate, stable fit
• Visibility tint for easy handling

Replace every 1-2 weeks or monthly (according to the recommendation from your eye care specialist) 

Manufacturer: Bausch & Lomb
Lens Type:
Disposable soft toric contact lenses for astigmatism. 
Package Details: 6 visibly tinted lenses immersed in buffered saline solution.
Tinted (this helps you find the lens): Yes
UV blocking: No
Material and % of content: 34% polymer (alphafilcon A)
Water % of content: 66%

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